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preferred choice delivers Strategic Development.  Preferred Choice offers Development Expertise to Advance Your Priorities.

Activate Your Development Connection

preferred choice was forged from decades of economic and business development and community development expertise.

Our commitment is to provide clients with market intelligence, analysis, technical expertise, strategic information, and solutions to implement valuable development initiatives.

Preferred Choice has been involved in business development projects in every sector of the economy, with economic development groups, Aboriginal development corporations, private enterprise, industry associations, and the research community.

This year we are working with our contacts to Make 2019 the Year for Securing New Opportunities!

Development Experience

Preferred Choice has combined statistical analysis, stakeholder input, market knowledge, and industry connections to develop strategies that work.

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Businesses, development groups, and agencies can contact preferred choice  When You Are Ready to Act.

Preferred Resources

Preferred Choice is tied into a network of syndicated expertise to access to a host of professionals in a wide variety of fields, which ensures the right services for the right project.

Development Expertise to Advance Your Priorities

Development Services